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Diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare is a progressive discussion, particularly in orthopaedic surgery. There are a number of areas that must be addressed to combat structural inequities. A significant missing link is equipping our diversity leaders with the abilities to assess learning environments, strategize effective interventions, and accurately measure the impact of change initiatives. With additional skills, these leaders can be empowered to address the deep-rooted issues behind cultural transformation in challenging environments.

Orthopaedic Diversity Leadership Consortium


Must See ⭐️

Must See ⭐️


One of a kind certificate program focused on principles of individual leadership critical for success in diversity, equity, and inclusion work



Consultations specific to developing or enhancing diversity efforts in your organization, department, or group



Instruments for creating a strategy for needs assessment and appropriate program implementation



Virtual and in-person connection with colleagues and experts involved in diversity leadership within healthcare, industry, or the basic sciences



Facilitated webinars on topics of strategic diversity leadership and the development of effective programming



Exclusive access to members-only forums, articles, event announcements and more



As more organizations and institutes work towards creating a culture of inclusion and belonging, there is a overwhelming need for resources to help create or pivot strategy to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Orthopaedic Diversity Leadership Consortium strives to bring the resources necessary for success to our diversity leaders.



We create a pioneering network of healthcare equity and diversity leaders for best practice sharing and design thinking. With additional skills and insight, leaders can be empowered to address the systemic issues behind cultural transformation in challenging environments.

Leadership Development

 Design of Strategic Models for Diversity

 Inter-professional Education on Inclusion

What People Are Saying

  • The ODLC Cornell Strategic Diversity Leadership certification can provide a certain level of credibility which is important when tasked with setting priorities and policies of a large organization, some of which may be unpopular. 

  • I believe that new knowledge is one of the most effective catalysts for personal growth and development. Completion of this leadership certificate program will represent a sense of accomplishment.

  • I am so excited to have you come and for our team to hear from you about how important it is to grow DEI in Orthopaedics; not just because it’s a moral imperative but because it simply solves problems better and creates better medicine, better financials, better everything.

  • I had the opportunity to meet and hear Dr. Taylor speak live and in-person last spring… it was a big boost for me to hear her enthusiasm and her knowledge about DEI efforts, and to avoid being discouraged and to keep working when progress appears to slow or stall!

  • My thanks to Dr. Erica Taylor for initiating and leading this consortium. 

  • Without a doubt, that was the best speaker presentation I have attended while at Fuqua. You bring so much energy and passion to this topic, and I think it inspired a lot of people, including myself.

  • To highlight the accessibility aspect of DEIA, my participation in the certificate program, and the valuable lessons I will learn and apply, will demonstrate firsthand how professionals managing disabilities can thrive as leaders driving strategic transformation. 

  • Completing the ODLC Cornell Strategic Diversity Leadership Certificate Program will give me foundational skills I can use to become a leader who is effective at making change.  

  • Completion of this program will provide me with the necessary credibility to influence other stakeholders at my institution. It will demonstrate to the leadership that I am ready, willing and able to help lead diversity efforts.

  • Thank you again for the templates. Excellent meeting. Workgroups being formed. Focus on community engagement. Love that you included “allow imperfection.” This is daunting and folks are sensitive

  • The network that is created with the cohort will allow me to pull on human capital to broaden and deepen my outreach and impact.

  • The content of the courses will enable the ability to be a more effective change agent within the DEI space.

  • A certificate from Cornell would help to solidify my role as a leader at my institution. 

  • The ODLC-Cornell Strategic Diversity Leadership Certificate Program truly has the potential to open your eyes to different approaches and perspectives, which may alter the trajectory you might currently be predicting for yourself.

  • Thank you for an awesome presentation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Just a few examples of the comments: “WOW that was absolutely outstanding” “She’s just incredible. I wanted to keep talking with her.” We learned a lot from your presentation and you gave us a lot of great advice. We would love to have have you back in say 6 months time so that we can share with you what we have accomplished in the meantime.

  • Thank you for presenting to our team today at DEI rounds todayI appreciate you sharing your personal experiences and insights, and I always appreciate the energy you bring to your presentationsI found it to be a very valuable session to learn from and have already heard positive feedback from staff. 

  • I lean on other leaders in DEI in orthopaedic surgery for fellowship and mentorship. I believe that this program will fill in my gaps of knowledge in order to build a sustainable DEI program for my organization, the society of military orthopaedic surgeons.

  • I am thrilled to be officially part of ODLC and to be a part of such an inspirational organization.

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