In 2024, Your DEI Efforts Matter Even More! (And Here’s the Data to Prove It)

Another year is in the books! You’ve written the papers, held the meetings, mentored the students, presented the lectures, invested in programming, and modified policies. And so much more! Yet, for many leaders in this space, there is still uncertainty about the future of diversity efforts. Will this still matter in 2024? Will the distractions…Read More

How to Combat DEI Fatigue and Promote-Self Care in 2024

Here we are. At the tail-end of another adventurous, activity-filled year. I couldn’t be more proud of our ODLC members and I am super excited about what 2024 holds for our organization. Although some of us are approaching a Winter “break,” the work of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging never seems to rest. Nevertheless, I…Read More

Differentiate Your Health Equity Goals

Is “Health Equity” the same as “DEI” effort? Actually, no. While these phrases are often used interchangeably, they refer to two distinct areas of study, action, and policy. In short, the foundational term “DEI” often refers to representation, fairness in resources, belonging, and valuing uniqueness. In contrast, “Health Equity” is the societal goal of everyone having a fair and just opportunity to attain…Read More