If you have worked with me, or learned from me, you know that I LOVE unpacking the ins and outs of strategy implementation. While our focus may be on DEI and Health Equity (remember these are two different things!), there is a lot we can learn from our corporate partners about mapping our actions and objectives to our environments.

For example, did you know that strategic plans are more likely to be adopted if they are co-created by a diverse group of stakeholders, as opposed to a monolithic small group or single leader? Have you taken a deep, honest look at your organization’s capabilities to ensure that there is alignment between your mission and what you’re actually able to achieve? Scope and priorities matter, as well as the way you go about discovering them.

It is tempting to attempt to do everything, for everyone, and all at once, but take the time to understand the complex contexts of our industry and your local environment and people. And for those who may be frustrated because your strategy isn’t…strategic – don’t lose hope! There is a path forward!

Check out this recent article from Harvard Business Review that goes over 4 common barriers to failed strategy implementation, and ways to navigate through them:

Why Isn’t Your Strategy Sticking? by Andrea Belk Olson

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,
Dr. Erica Taylor
ODLC Founder