Here we are. At the tail-end of another adventurous, activity-filled year. I couldn’t be more proud of our ODLC members and I am super excited about what 2024 holds for our organization.

Although some of us are approaching a Winter “break,” the work of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging never seems to rest.

Nevertheless, I implore all of you – leaders, advocates, and allies – to ensure that the fire continues to glow by devoting attention to your own well-being and self-care.

The nature of the work we do and support is extremely unique. It pushes us to address issues that are inextricably linked to our own lived experiences in society and the experiences of those we love and the patients we serve. In addition, the polarization of diversity that amplified in past years increases the level of stress and anxiety faced by those of us trying to create a path forward. At some point, “a lot” may become “too much” and the emotional exhaustion of this work can take a toll.

So – how do we take care of ourselves? How do we keep our fire going, when it seems as if the flames may be dimming and there are unpredictable gusts of wind attempting to blow it out?

Sustainability starts with YOU. Self-care is a critical part of ensuring your effective leadership. Please take a few minutes to read this review from the Inclusion Learning Lab that summarizes the signs of DEI fatigue and also provides practical solutions to mitigate DEI leader burnout. It resonated with me in many ways, and I suspect it will speak to you as well.  

To grab some additional kindling, scroll below for exciting opportunities and re-ignite your fire! What you are doing matters and you are indeed making a difference. Blaze on!

Be well,

Dr. Erica Taylor
ODLC Founder


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